We had a busy week and a half with my parents visiting. The weather cooperated beautifully and I often found my mom outside basking in the afternoon sun. I managed to keep my dad more than busy with an endless project list (more on that later) and there’s always more sights and activities than time permits.

My mom enjoyed playing duets with Hallie and they sat on the piano bench each day:
20130228-DSC_8245 photo 20130228-DSC_8245.jpg

We worked around the house.

We ventured out for some laser tag in which Hallie and Hunter tagged along my dad and Steve making it nearly impossible to be successful in shooting the opposing team. But they all enjoyed themselves!
20130228-DSC_8255 photo 20130228-DSC_8255.jpg

The afternoon sun was more than inviting and the park was calling our name:
20130301-DSC_8265 photo 20130301-DSC_8265.jpg
20130301-DSC_8274 photo 20130301-DSC_8274.jpg
20130301-DSC_8277 photo 20130301-DSC_8277.jpg
20130301-DSC_8272 photo 20130301-DSC_8272.jpg
20130301-DSC_8326 photo 20130301-DSC_8326.jpg

We picked citrus, our oranges and neighbors grapefruits.

We took bike rides.

We did projects.

We made salsa.

We had a visit from my sister-in-law from Colorado and found ourselves at Mesa Frozen Yogurt. (still a family favorite)

We went scorpion hunting and found far too many for so early in the year. My dad takes hunting seriously in any situation and he made sure to do his part killing scorpions while he was here. He thought they were the coolest little creatures and he decided to keep a couple in a jar just so he could look at them a little closer. There were a couple nights he went out more than once. He was that enamored.

We had a visit from my brother from Idaho who was here for business.

Went to Lehi days watched the rodeo.

We did more projects.

We took evening walks.
20130303-DSC_8415 photo 20130303-DSC_8415.jpg
We played and then shopped and then played some more and we dropped my dad off at Bass Pro Shop on more than one occasion.
20130305-photo (29) photo 20130305-photo29.jpg
20130306-DSC_8423 photo 20130306-DSC_8423.jpg
20130306-DSC_8425 photo 20130306-DSC_8425.jpg
We took the kids to visit the neighborhood horses. Surprisingly enough Bennett had no personal space when it came to the horses and let the horse nibble on his toes and sniff his face.
20130228-photo (30) photo 20130228-photo30.jpg
We had storytime, played games and watched movies. Did I mention we did a lot of projects as well? We did, details of all the fun things we accomplished will come soon.

To say we had a good time would be an understatement. We got used to having my parents around which made their departure even harder on us. But man did we love having them here. Makes me wish more than anything that they lived closer. My dad would croak in the heat, but my mom would do just fine!