My parents are known for being my project sidekicks. When we first moved into this house, they came for a whole week and helped get things fixed up (here). It had been a year since their last visit and there were more projects which meant it was time for another visit (I didn’t work them completely to death, we did manage to have some fun as well)!!

I already mentioned a few things my mom helped with including our salsa day (here) and the curtains (here), my dad was busy too.

Remember when Bennett escaped from our yard multiple times in one day (here) my dad ensured that wouldn’t happen again. He fixed one gate all together, replaced a panel on our fence that the Mister could get out of the yard through and replaced the gate lock so we have a key to keep him locked in. He hasn’t escaped from the backyard since!

We took off the house numbers a year ago when we painted and purchased new letters. They were never installed and every delivery person over the course of the year has kindly reminded me that we didn’t have house numbers. We do now.

Steve’s brother and sister-in-law are working on remodeling a home which meant they had a lot of materials from the home they wouldn’t have need of in their remodel. One evening before my parents came I went over and removed all the door handles and hinges. With my dad in town, he happily replaced our brass door handles with pretty new ones. It’s amazing what small details like door handles can add to a home!

I got a text from Shawni while my parents were visiting telling me the ceiling fans were up for grabs if I wanted to come take them down. I jumped at the chance and sent my dad up the ladder to remove them and then reinstall them at my house.

Our loft ended up looking like a ceiling fan graveyard once he was done!

Two days before they left, my sliding barn door hardware (for my office entry) arrived which I knew I would need the assistance of my dad to install.
20130305-DSC_8421 photo 20130305-DSC_8421-1.jpg
We marked where the hardware would go and it probably shouldn’t have been as difficult as it was, but it took the whole morning and then some. Plenty of frustration (on my part) and a little frustration on my dad’s part, we got it up. (pictures to come)

With the hardware up it was time to build the door. We spent the morning they left, just hours before dropping them off at the airport, building a barn door. I did not think we would get it done, and I was pleasantly surprised by how fast it went together, especially compared to the fiasco of the hardware the morning before!
20130306-DSC_8428 photo 20130306-DSC_8428.jpg
20130307-DSC_8457 photo 20130307-DSC_8457.jpg
Although we got the door built before they left, I still had to paint it. It’s currently still in the garage, painted and ready to go, but the husband is having second thoughts on the color. I may have to repaint it. We’ll see.

What we accomplished while they were here was awesome. I originally had big plans of building an entertainment center while they visited, which would’ve been awesome, but would’ve taken every waking minute. I’m glad I vetoed those plans before their arrival. I love all the updates we made; finishing touches not noticed by many, but are huge improvements for me. Steve reminds me I can’t work my parents that hard every time they visit or else they won’t want to come back. I remind him that it helps that we have the coolest grandchildren that they’ll never be willing to part with no matter what project I throw at them!
20130301-DSC_8326 photo 20130301-DSC_8326-1.jpg
Love these guys to pieces. Counting down until their next visit as usual.