Back in November I sought reader’s advice as to how to deal with my son’s never ending eczema (here). I got some great feedback and tried a lot of the options. One thing that absolutely didn’t work was the cortizone cream. We lathered that stuff on for weeks without any improvement. I’m glad to be done with it. We’ve bathed him in different solutions. Nothing really stood out as working. Someone suggested using Melaleuca lotion, but of course when I went to their website I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how to order their products. I finally went through a long string of pages before realizing I had to sign up with their multi-level marketing before I could make a purchase. That was enough to discourage me!

A couple weeks ago my sister-in-law was coming to visit and she offered to bring some of the Renew lotion with her (I didn’t realize she was a member).
20130320-DSC_8810 photo 20130320-DSC_8810.jpg
After using it for just 1 week we saw a huge improvement. Steve noticed it one afternoon while holding Bennett, “Have you felt his skin lately, that lotion is a miracle.” It really has been amazing. It’s not as if his eczema has gone away, but it’s much better. I noticed a couple days ago it flared up again but it lessens a couple days later.

Eventually, when he’s a little bit older, we’ll take him to an allergist to see if he has allergies. Because I’m sure the flare ups are food related, but I can’t pinpoint what foods. We’ll address that down the road. But for now, I’ve got to figure out how to get my hands on more lotion or I’ll be shelling out $35 at amazon here.