Remember those old run down carnival rides that seemed highly dangerous when you were a kid? They were rickety and made funny sounds and you were sure at any minute the one pin holding your cage to the arm would fall out? We went to a place on the last day of spring break that I swear housed old rejected carnival rides. We have this card called the pogo pass that gives us entrance into entertainment all over the valley (we used it early in the week to go to the zoo). One of the options we could visit was Enchanted island. The name is deceiving as there is not a whole lot of enchantment but the kids thought it was awesome. It might as well been Disneyland in Hunter’s eyes. (which just goes to show we made the right decision to leave him home when we took Hallie here)

We brought some cousins along for the fun (who also have the pogo pass) and we had ourselves a good time. I still had the same fear I had as a kid with a few of the rides, now heightened as I’m entrusting my children in their perceived safety. But we walked away without any injuries and smiles spread wide. There was absolutely no one there so the kids delighted in walking on whatever ride they desired. It was simple and geared towards young children and it did not disappoint. You realize how little it takes to make kids happy and how low their expectations generally are!

We have another visit left on the pogo pass and gauging by the kids enjoyment, I’m sure we’ll use it!