We’ve had the kids home this week for spring break. Part of me is totally ready to have them back in school, the other part of me has really enjoyed our time and adventures together. We broke all sorts of records this week: Arizona hit record heat today, well into the 90’s. Not the type of record we want to be breaking, but it was monumental! The kids fought for a record amount of time. We took Bennett to the movies for the first time. And I left the house for five consecutive days, no joke. Steve was more than impressed. This may not seem like a record for most, but it is a big deal for me. I like to be at home and find many excuses as to why I need to stay home. Although I love to be social, I love being at home more and you will find me at home more days than not.

I made it a point with spring break to get out and do something with the kids everyday. I gave myself that goal, but I really never expected to accomplish it. See what happens when you set your sights high?? Life lessons I will surely pass to my children.

We went to the movies and let them consume as much popcorn as their little hearts desired.

We went to the park.

We went to the dentist. (yes, I counted it as an outing because it was a lot of work to entertain three kids at the dentist while they each took their turn)

We rode our bikes to get frozen yogurt in our pajamas.
20130313-photo (31) photo 20130313-photo31.jpg

We went to a creative festival downtown.
20130314-DSC_8707 photo 20130314-DSC_8707.jpg
20130314-DSC_8706 photo 20130314-DSC_8706.jpg

We got ice cream at McDonalds and enjoyed the playland.
20130314-DSC_8716 photo 20130314-DSC_8716.jpg

We played with friends/cousins.

We went to the zoo which was less about the animals and more about the splash pad and friends but still a lot of fun. I picked up my kettle corn which I’ve been craving since the school carnival!
20130313-DSC_8645 photo 20130313-DSC_8645-1.jpg
20130313-DSC_8651 photo 20130313-DSC_8651-1.jpg
20130313-DSC_8653 photo 20130313-DSC_8653-1.jpg
20130313-DSC_8657 photo 20130313-DSC_8657-1.jpg

Tomorrow we’ve got a special outing planned to finish out the week and then it’s back to school. I’m looking forward to next week when schedules and routines can go back to normal and I can go back to not leaving the house.