I love light. I notice the way light comes into a room and how it reflects off a surface. Perhaps it’s the photographer in me, or perhaps I enjoy photography because I love light. Either way – light is beautiful.

We were taking a Sunday evening stroll and as we walked west, I noticed the beauty that surrounded us as the sun began its decent beyond the horizon. The yellow and orange were beautiful and vibrant and an overwhelming feeling of gratitude encircled me. The longer we walked the more giddy I became with the beautiful sunset. Hallie said to me, “Mom, look how pretty that sunset it.” How I loved that she noticed it’s beauty without her realizing my inner excitement about the same sunset. By the time we finished our walk and returned home the sunset was in its peak of color and scale. It made me happy and excited all at the same time. I ran inside to grab a camera. Pictures of sunsets never truly capture the emotion of the moment, but it captures some of the beauty. (non-enhanced photo)
20130303-DSC_8415 photo 20130303-DSC_8415.jpg