Apparently somebody’s hair is growing so much it’s starting to curl around his ears:
20130422-DSC_0194 photo 20130422-DSC_0194.jpg
I think I’ve put his haircut on my to-do list for almost three weeks now – and yet part of me isn’t ready to see the little curl around his ear go away yet. Then he plays outside for ten minutes and his head is a sweaty mess. He wakes up from nap time and it’s matted to his head. We go to the park and I find sand in his mop for days, even after a bath! We’re gearing up for summer heat and that means we need summer haircuts. It’s on the to-do list again this week and I’ve got to pull out the scissors.
20130422-DSC_0200 photo 20130422-DSC_0200.jpg
Goodbye cute little baby boy hair!