I explained this before, but we have a schedule for birthday parties. As much as I love a fun themed party, the realistic side of me knows how crazy it is to try and do big parties for every kid every year. So we do a fun first birthday and then we don’t have another party until they’re four and then even years after that. So Bennett was not up for a fun/themed party but we still like to celebrate even if there is not a real party!

We had the birthday bucket rockin’ with lucky charms and fun little treats. And I didn’t even make him eat the rest of his cereal after he picked out all the marshmallows – it was birthday after all!

We surprised Hallie with lunch at her school where Bennett was pretty much strutting his stuff with all the older ladies flocking around him and his cuteness!
20130426-photo (34) photo 20130426-photo34.jpg

We enjoyed an afternoon of swimming/splashing in the pool. This was Bennett’s first real encounter with the pool and it’s scary just how comfortable he was and how dangerous he’s going to be for us this summer (must get him water-safe ASAP!).
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What’s swimming without a popsicle?? I love how you can see streaks of popsicle drips running down his chin and belly – that’s pure bliss right there!
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Hallie was gone for the afternoon/evening at a birthday party and begged us to not open his presents without her being there. At two years old, he had no idea he was supposed to blow out candles and open presents so we pushed it to the next day as we celebrated his “birthday weekend”.
He was almost as dangerous with his candles as he was the swimming pool the day before, and was entranced while we sang in honor of him.
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The best thing about a two-year-old birthday – they are pleased as punch with two small presents. Cars and a car case. Now the trick is trying to keep his older brother from stealing them!
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We love this little guy so much and we’re crossing our fingers that this birthday milestone will result in less screaming and crying…a mom can hope right?