Two weekends a year, we watch 8 hours of “General Conference” from the comfort of our home instead of going to church. We listen to the Apostles and Prophet speak to us on a variety of topics.

Every conference there are a few talks that stand out to me. Talks that hit close to home or perhaps talks that stirred feelings of action or emotion. And like every conference, I wait anxiously for the transcripts to be posted online to read and reread talks that touched me. Like any young family we had plenty of distractions and noise which made it difficult to concentrate, but I heard what I needed to hear, I always do.

Although sick children threatened our bi-annual breakfast with Steve’s brother – the show must go on! Hands down my favorite breakfast of the year and neither Steve nor myself were about to miss out! We eat the same thing every conference and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. (although in October fresh squeezed orange juice is in limited supply and we settle for the store bought stuff!)