I love the Easter season for obvious religious reasons and the focused reflection it causes. And although I’m overly obsessed with most holidays, Easter is not one I go overboard on.

We do a small Easter basket on Saturday, which allows us to keep Sunday focused on the Savior.

Sunday we enjoyed our Easter services, in which both Steve and I both spoke, and then we joined family for the afternoon/evening.
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20130331-DSC_9241 photo 20130331-DSC_9241.jpg
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My sister-in-law is so generous to host the large and growing family – which is no small feat (previous years here and here). Then each family helps out with a portion of the dinner which in my opinion rivals Thanksgiving.
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Of course we had an egg hunt. The older cousins hide all the eggs and cheer on the younger ones as they run through the yard.
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Bennett found one egg. Just one. And that was enough to keep him busy while everyone finished finding the eggs!
20130331-DSC_9277 photo 20130331-DSC_9277.jpg20130331-DSC_9280 photo 20130331-DSC_9280.jpg

As the sun went down, we enjoyed the evening light and happiness from the day. Cousins grouped around each other counting their eggs and swapping candy.
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Tricks were performed on the trampoline and there was laughing in the air.
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Bennett has a big buddy in the family and his name is Paxton – Love these two together
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And just to see how much has change in the course of a year:
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20130331-DSC_9295 photo 20130331-DSC_9295.jpg
20130331-DSC_9312 photo 20130331-DSC_9312.jpg
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The night was long and beautiful – a perfect ending to a spiritually uplifting day.
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