The office (once a bedroom – until I decided to knock a hole in the wall while Steve was at work here) continues to evolve into a space I truly enjoying spending my time in.

Here’s where we’ve come from.
20111117-DSC_2277 photo 20111117-DSC_2277.jpg

We started by removing the popcorn ceiling (here)

And then tore the mauve carpet out and installed wood floors. (here)

And then replaced the baseboards. (here)

By that point the whole room needed a nice coat of paint and a little pizazz with fun herringbone wall treatment. (here)

I was loving the space by this point.

I moved the desks back in and felt right at home. But it’s always the finishing touches that make a room, and there are still several things on my list. #1 being the hideous brass fan that currently sits above my head – it’s an easy and fairly inexpensive fix and yet and I can’t find a fan that puts out enough light thanks to the new energy efficient laws! I’ll keep looking. I’ve got a few things hung on the wall that I’ve arranged and rearranged and I’m confident I’ll get it right soon.

But nothing ties a room together like curtains and I’ve got some hung. I followed the same instructions from Hallie’s hidden tab curtains (here) and used some fabric from (at only $7.50 a yard!).
20130421-DSC_0169 photo 20130421-DSC_0169.jpg
20130421-DSC_0171 photo 20130421-DSC_0171.jpg
The colors defined the space and I find it cheery and energizing for an office. I’m still on the look out for the perfect chair to sit next to the curtains in the picture above but it will come…eventually.

It’s a slow and steady process – I realized looking through photos I don’t have a single picture of the whole space as it stands now, but now that I know I’ll make sure to capture it!