Although I am in love with all the wood floors we installed throughout the main area of our house – it’s proving to be difficult keeping it clean. We purposely chose a color of wood that would hide all the little trails our children leave behind. Even then, I see constant footprints at the three entrances that have wood. No matter how big of a mat I put outside the door, there are footprints 5 feet inside each entryway as well.

For the first while, I couldn’t stand to see the footprints and quickly cleaned up behind them with floor cleaner. However, the kids are outside more these days and I just can’t keep up with them. Knowing this will be a constant battle I’ve decided I can’t keep fighting it, instead I’ve got to change something. It’s time for entry rugs to sit on top of the floors at all the entrances!

I found a fun green and white chevron runner online that I purchased for the garage entrance – it’s worked just as I thought it would. I’ve searched high and low for one for our main entry, but it’s an odd size and I haven’t found anything to fit. We’re just going to have to bind carpet (just as we did in our living room) to fit the space. Boring, I know, but totally functional. I had my eyes on a textured carpet that would at least have a little design, but then I came across a line from Milliken Carpet that I fell in love with. They have fun and modern printed carpet, in just the right colors for our house. I ordered some samples to help aid in my decision, but I’m stuck.
20130422-DSC_0180 photo 20130422-DSC_0180.jpg
They’re sitting on the floor right in my main entry and they’ve been there for a couple days now. Steve’s thrown two of the options out all together which means I’m choosing between three, but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I keep thinking that one of these times as I’m walking by, one of them will jump off the floor and say “choose me, choose me.” It hasn’t happened yet, but I still have hope!