Flash back: Hunter came home from preschool as the Easter bunny one day. He thought he was the funniest thing and he spent the afternoon hopping around.
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It was all fun and games until he jumped too high and one of his precious eggs came flying out of his basket. Fortunately it was a hardboiled egg and it survived the fall with minimal injuries. However, it didn’t survive the one-year-old that got to the egg before Hunter did. It quickly became a smashed mess and I salvaged what I could to calm Hunters rage. I gave him a portion to eat and he looked at me very confused and turned up his nose. I assured him was safe to eat and he slowly took a bite. It was great and he loved it. He thought it was so fun that you peeled the egg “like and orange”. Kids are amused by the smallest things.

Speaking of Hunter – he said something that caught me off guard as I was making dinner yesterday. “Mom, You know when I’m really sad and crying, and at the same time I’m really thirsty? I just go like this (licking the side of his face with his tongue like a frog). Then I’m not really thirsty anymore. Do you ever do that?”

I was dying laughing. He was so serious and could not understand what I found so funny. I can’t say that I’ve ever licked my tears as a source of liquid replenishment. But that doesn’t mean I won’t in the future now that it has been brought to my attention!