I am one of those moms that waits until every sock and every underwear is in the dirty clothes basket before starting laundry. At that point it’s an absolute necessity to get it done, which is the only motivation I have to do laundry. Following this method results in one day of basket after basket of laundry to be folded. I usually dump it all on the floor of the living room and start the sorting process. Typically Hallie and Hunter are by my side pulling out all of their own clothing and folding it. (Is it perfect? Absolutely not, but give them a couple more years and they’ll be pretty dang good at it!) Bennett is pretty much useless in the process and results in more work for all of us. Hallie is constantly telling him to get away from her piles of clothing. “Mom, Bennett just knocked over my pile and I have to fold it again.” Of course, he thinks its a game they’re playing and remains ignorant to her desperate pleas.

His favorite spot is standing on top of Hallie’s clothing, this is his next favorite spot:
20130401-DSC_9405 photo 20130401-DSC_9405-1.jpg

I can’t wait until he’s old enough to join in on the fun and fold his own clothes.