Quiet time is my favorite time around these parts – Bennett takes a nap and Hunter has to participate in an activity that keeps his bum on the ground or in a chair; reading, puzzles, legos, coloring or board games. His favorite board game is sorry and he anxiously waits for Hallie to get home because she’s always up for a game. They play three or four rounds each day.
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This afternoon when I walked through the living room during rest time I found Hunter sitting on the floor playing sorry. He had two colors out on the board and I could hear him repeating “me, them, me, them.” As I got closer I could see that he was pulling cards for himself (the blue team) and then the other team (green) and playing both sides. You should’ve seen his face when he pulled a sorry for the green team which sent one of his blue guys back home. He told me he was practicing to play Hallie later. I watched him finish out the game and (surprise, surprise) the blue team one. He was genuinely excited with his victory. Man, I love a kid that can entertain himself!
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