Steve came home from work a couple days ago, and it had been a loooooong day. He asked me on a scale of 1-10 how my day was. He started to explain what the scale was (1 – you gave birth 4 hours ago) and I quickly replied 4, I told you it was a loooong day. It was a day full of laundry, cleaning (both of which were unnoticeable by the time Steve rolled in) and screaming kids. He told me I should’ve built something to boost my day’s score. He was right. When I work on a project the day is always better, although at some point the laundry and house work has to be done!

I decided the next day I was due for a building project and scoured the internet to figure out what I should build. I was at the depot in no time picking up wood. I spent this morning, while Hunter was at preschool, with the power tools out and covered in sawdust, while Bennett did circles around me on the plasma car. The weather was perfect at 75 degrees and building made the day instantly better.
20130418-DSC_0157 photo 20130418-DSC_0157.jpg
20130418-DSC_0158 photo 20130418-DSC_0158.jpg
I made a lot of progress today and it will be done in no time – finished product to be revealed soon! Sneak Peek:
20130418-DSC_0163 photo 20130418-DSC_0163.jpg