The Saturday before Easter we had the ward annual Ridge Run: 2.2 mile run/walk, french toast breakfast, egg hunt and nickel hunt. It did not disappoint. The walking trail has nickels littered about which makes for a fun hunt for the kids. We end in the park with a delicious breakfast awaiting us.
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Bennett was a typical one year old in the hunt and was satisfied with the two eggs he picked up and plopped himself on the ground next to his girlfriend to enjoy his meager loot.
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After the egg hunt, the area was cleared as they dumped bags of nickels. You could see the kids excitement as they started to spend the money in their heads before the hunt ever started. Definitely the biggest hit of the whole morning. Made me think we need to get rid of egg hunts and candy all together and start nickel hunts!

As always, the kids grouped together to trade candy and count money.
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