I’ve got two nephews graduating high school this year – which means they are wrapping up their high school years and moving on with life. My nephew Cam, from Milwaukee, will be heading off to school and has some amazing options to choose from. My nephew Paxton, who lives here, will be heading off for Brazil to serve a mission before going to school (his mission call is here).

I took some photos of Paxton over the weekend for some upcoming graduation announcements. He admitted to being uncomfortable in front of the camera, but that didn’t stop him from cutting loose and having a little fun with it. (He was goofy 70% of the time!)

I warned him that anything on my camera was fair game for the blog: Here is just a sampling of the fun we had and there’s many more where these came from – I’m confident they won’t make the announcement!
20130407-DSC_9688 photo 20130407-DSC_9688.jpg
20130407-DSC_9744 photo 20130407-DSC_9744.jpg
20130407-DSC_9758 photo 20130407-DSC_9758.jpg
20130407-DSC_9785 photo 20130407-DSC_9785.jpg
20130407-DSC_9739 photo 20130407-DSC_9739.jpg
20130407-DSC_9854 photo 20130407-DSC_9854.jpg
20130407-DSC_9924 photo 20130407-DSC_9924.jpg
20130407-DSC_9721 photo 20130407-DSC_9721.jpg
A little backstory about the next picture. His mom asked him to take a “heel clicking” photo because it’s something she remembers him doing a lot. Although hesitant, he agreed to his mother’s request. We took a few photos and criticized his arm/hand placement or facial expression. So we sent him back to shoot a couple more. As he walked back to the spot you could see he was messing with his shirt. By the time he jumped in the air, he had pulled a “Superman.” I was dying laughing – he was cracking up – and his mom was probably wondering where she went wrong raising her son!
20130407-DSC_9900 photo 20130407-DSC_9900.jpg
It wasn’t the only time we caught him trying to show off his chest!

Towards the end of the shoot, we were at my house getting a couple shots. Bennett was more than curious about the process and tagged along. After I posed Paxton for a shot, Bennett walked right into the picture and turned to smile. He’s such a ham.
20130407-DSC_9841 photo 20130407-DSC_9841.jpg
He then insisted on holding Paxton’s hand as we walked.
20130407-DSC_9850 photo 20130407-DSC_9850.jpg
20130407-DSC_9852 photo 20130407-DSC_9852.jpg