It was just two years ago that we had Mr. B.
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So tiny and squishy and absolutely perfect.

And now we’re celebrating his second birthday. He grew up to be a toddler boy and we often wonder where our squishy baby went!
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I love how he calls his special blankets “Tee-Tee” and his eyes light up the minute he sees one of them.

I love how he adores his siblings and gets so excited when he sees Hallie’s bus pull up.

He doesn’t ever sit still when he’s eating and I’m constantly fighting him to keep food at the table.

He steals my phone and tries the password enough times that it locks me out of my phone!

The first words out of his mouth when I get him out of bed are always, “Daddy Here?”

I love how he brings me book after book to read to him.

I love how he asks for “milk” and he really wants ice water with a straw.

He takes off his shoes any chance he gets.

I love how he loves bike rides and runs to the garage at the first sound of “bike”.

He hasn’t tried climbing out of his crib and probably won’t for a while, it’s awesome!

He is silly and an attention hog and keeps us laughing. Here’s to hoping twos aren’t as bad as I know they can be!