A new mexican food restaurant opened up in our area and I had the opportunity of shooting photos of their food.
20130511-DSC_1031 photo 20130511-DSC_1031.jpg
They have a small simple menu (think mexican version of in-n-out) and everything is great.
20130511-DSC_1077 photo 20130511-DSC_1077.jpg
One item on the menu you may be reluctant to try but is a must – the chicken crazy potato. Not something I’ve seen at other taco shops and it is awesome…perhaps its the Idaho in me! It comes wrapped in a foil pouch and is loaded with goodness.
20130511-DSC_1108 photo 20130511-DSC_1108.jpg
The tacos are smaller but they’re also priced cheap enough – head over on a Tuesday and you can get one for $1.25 – its worth trying out.
20130511-DSC_1047 photo 20130511-DSC_1047.jpg
Steve loves the potato but he’s also a big fan of the gordita (don’t think taco bell style) just a slight variation on the taco.
20130511-DSC_1066 photo 20130511-DSC_1066.jpg
We’ve eaten there several times now and love it – the kids would prefer a bean burrito from taco bell and that’s fine by me – I do wish they carried bean burritos…like I said, it’s a simple menu!

*No compensation for the post- just personal review!