A visit to Steve’s work is always an adventure. It’s quite the drive, so we don’t visit very often, once a year to be precise. But the kids are in heaven while they’re there.

They helped themselves to the candy jars in his office, adorned his white board with beautiful drawings and marveled at his pet turtle, “Urtle”. Let it be known the only pet our family will have is one that stays 45 minutes away from our house!
20130425-DSC_0272 photo 20130425-DSC_0272.jpg
Steve showed them how he feeds the crickets to the turtles and there was a look of concern on Hunter’s face.

We then walked the other offices to see what other cool pets were lurking around.
20130425-DSC_0275 photo 20130425-DSC_0275.jpg
Hallie was brave enough to hold a co-workers pet snake without any fear. (my brother introduced her to snakes in Idaho here) Bennett wanted nothing to do with it. Hunter thought he wanted something to do with it and held out his hands to hold it. As Steve gently placed the snake in his hands he quickly jerked them back and rubbed his hands on his pants as if the snake left a residue. He was done, but Hallie was ready for another turn!

In their minds, dad has the coolest job ever.