Steve and I were chatting last week and decided we should get a couple young families from the neighborhood together for a mexican food potluck in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. A couple meaning two…but narrowing it down to two families was next to impossible. Which meant we were going to have a potluck for 6. Which turned into 10 and then 16. Even at 16 families we could’ve invited many more but we knew we didn’t have the space – besides that would make it a block party all over again.

20130504-DSC_0854 photo 20130504-DSC_0854.jpg But this wasn’t like most the parties I throw. This was last minute (which is not how I typically roll). Very last minute – like I said, a small potluck which snowballed into a fiesta. As I’m running to costco the day before I kept thinking of all the cool things and decorations I could do if I only had more time, there’s always next year!

I was reluctant to host so many people because I had no clue what we would do with all of them. Our friends joining us in our fiesta were gracious enough to let us borrow tables and chairs and they threw in a bounce house to entertain the kids. For throwing it together last minute, we had a good time. We supplied a nacho bar with all the toppings and everyone brought a dish to share. We ate very well. And most revisited the food table a couple times!

We stayed outside late into the evening enjoying the weather and conversations while our children ran around crazy, hyped up on nacho cheese and lemonade – the kids were in heaven! We still feel like we’re getting to know so many families in the area and this was a great way to build some relationships. Definitely going to make this an annual event – but with a little more planning of course! 20130504-DSC_0861 photo 20130504-DSC_0861.jpg 20130504-DSC_0857 photo 20130504-DSC_0857.jpg 20130504-DSC_0859 photo 20130504-DSC_0859.jpg 20130504-DSC_0866 photo 20130504-DSC_0866.jpg