I’m not your typical dinner and a movie kind of girl; much to Steve’s demise! Although we don’t get out on a date nearly as often as we’d like (we often settle for a date at home once the kids are in bed) when we do it’s a good time. Steve was in charge of date night last weekend and was like a little school kid as he kept it a secret from me. Just hours before we were to go out, his plans fell through and he was totally bummed; I still have no idea what he had planned but he assures me we’ll try it again sometime.

So we had a babysitter lined up without plans and of course the default is always dinner and movie. I knew a movie would put me to sleep so I begged for some physical activity. We settled on a bike ride around tempe town lake which is something neither one of us had done before. Steve fit the bikes in the car like a puzzle and we were off.
20130427-photo (35) photo 20130427-photo35.jpg
We go on a lot of bike rides as a family; probably 5 times a week we’re out riding bikes. But we’ve never biked without little kids trailing. We rode up and down the paths as fast as we wanted and explored the area (despite the pictures, we really were on a concrete path the majority of the time, and yes, we normally wear helmets!). We kept telling each other how much fun we were having with such a simple activity. As the sun started to set, we rode down to Mill Ave where we parked the bikes and walked up and down the street deciding what new hole in the wall we were going to try. We landed at Fuzzy Tacos which we both thoroughly enjoyed – their pork quesadilla was fantastic!
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It was one of those nights that there was a constant feeling of gratitude and enjoyment. Date nights are the best!