We have a crazy couple weeks ahead of us. When I sat down two weeks ago to map out all of our adventures in the next while I quickly realized we wouldn’t be near Steve on Father’s day (this has happened the last two years).

And although we’ve done our best to show him we care from afar, its not the same as having your kids surround you. So we celebrated Father’s day today (the next several Sundays have us completely booked!) as if it was the real day, I don’t think the kids even realize not everyone made pretty cards for their dads today!  Fathers Day Photo I stayed up late last night making Steve’s favorite muffins (knowing there was no way I would get up before him) so he had something to snack on before the rest of us rolled out of bed for the real breakfast – french toast.

The kids gave him homemade cards and a candy poster. Fathers Day Candy Poster They filled out a questionnaire about their dad. (Download printable file) Life with Fingerprints: Father's Day Interview Fathers Day Interview These always crack me up – like Hunter saying, “Dad loves to go to…meetings.” who doesn’t love a good meeting!

20130519-DSC_1255 photo 20130519-DSC_1255.jpg We showered him with love and gifts and service and told him over and over again that he’s the best dad ever. It was the best fake father’s day ever!