Mother’s day is the one day a year that I can count on not having to change a single diaper. It makes me wish Mother’s day was once a month! Now to my husband’s credit – He treats many weekends like my special holiday. He’s an early bird, and I’m not; which means he lets me sleep in more often than nought. He has mastered cooking weekend breakfast and the kids expect nothing less than dad’s specialty, so I’m off the hook for breakfast. And as we sit and talk on the couch he always grabs my foot or leg and gives a massage. So Mother’s day rolls around and there’s not a whole lot more he can do besides continue to be awesome. And he does just that.
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To mix things up, we strayed from our typical weekend breakfast as he perfected the crepe – strawberries, bananas and cream = perfection. And to wash it all down, he got up early and squeezed oranges for juice. (we were both pretty shocked to realize the oranges on the tree were still so tasty for juicing!) That is real love right there.

We went to church where Bennett kindly reminded us that he is still in charge and Steve had to walk out with him three times in one hour. Oh how frustrating a toddler can be!

While many women enjoyed their flowers, chocolates, purses and jewelry on Mother’s day, I got weak at the knees marveling at this beauty. There have been some years where we eliminated the gift giving of this holiday all together, but when a gift is given, it has been a power tool.
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I kid not. And I absolutely love it and Steve loves knowing that he gave his wife a power tool! It’s a win-win. He knows I will get good use out it and beautify our home in the process. This is a beast of a saw (replacing my old 10″ miter that I’ve had for years) and I’m racking my brain as to what project I should break this bad boy in with!

It was a great day, full of love, pampering and Steve and the kids (aside from Bennett because he cried most of the day for no apparent reason) jumping at the chance to do anything to serve me. It feels good to feel loved. Constantly reminded what a lucky mama I am!
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