We celebrated a birthday and graduation all in one day for the same nephew (here or here).

Patriotic Banner I was happy to see the banner I made for Brimley (here) was being put to good use. When I made it originally, I gave them the extra numbers so they could replace the last two numbers and use it year after year. Personally, I’d like to make a new one each year, but that’s not how everyone rolls!

My sister-in-law also made these darling pinwheels to match the decor and I couldn’t help but want them for my fourth of July table. It just so happens that the school colors coordinate nicely with a holiday; I love multi-purpose decorations! I’m adding the pinwheels to my to-do list, possibly for a couple holidays! (I already have them from easter and love them!) Patriotic Pinwheel

Even on the day he was being honored, Paxton made sure that Bennett didn’t miss out on the goodness of oreo delight; tender moment. 20130519-DSC_1278 photo 20130519-DSC_1278.jpg When did these kids get old enough to go to college and go on missions?!!