It’s amazing how much a child grows during a school year and this year we’ve seen exceptional growth. On a week-to-week basis we could see mental growth as both of them came home with physical evidence of things they were learning – worksheets, books to sign off, science experiments; we recognized how much they were learning and were so grateful for wonderful teachers.

Their physical growth wasn’t as evident, aside from Hallie losing a mouthful of teeth and several haircuts. It’s not until I compared first and last day photos that I saw just how much they’ve grown.
20130523-DSC_1372-Edit photo 20130523-DSC_1372-Edit.jpg
20130523-DSC_1348-Edit photo 20130523-DSC_1348-Edit.jpg
Hallie was beside herself excited when she walked in the door and proudly declared, “You can’t call me your favorite first grader anymore! I’m in second grade – my teacher told me so!”

They grow like weeds don’t they?