I feel like dad’s get a little cheated when it comes to Father’s day. Because the kids are in school during mother’s day, there’s all sorts of hoopla to make it Mother’s week as opposed to day.

Hunter’s preschool had a killer program to celebrate mom’s and grandmas. They sang a series of songs complete with props and dancing, (the coordination for these programs must be a nightmare) followed by a fantastic luncheon. Not to mention we were showered with homemade gifts. I did not realize the depth of this preschool when I originally signed up but I have loved it!
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We left Hunter’s program and went straight to Hallie’s school where they invited all the moms to enjoy lunch in the classroom where I was showered with gifts and letters once again.
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The only thing that would’ve made the day better…if Bennett wasn’t getting into trouble and crying constantly reminding me that I’m a mother of three.

For the record, Hallie thinks I weigh 10 pounds and one of the things I do best is cook things and Hunter thinks I look the prettiest when I’m going to the temple. Love them for thinking so highly of me.