Hallie and her two little monkey brothers were jumping on her bed a few months back and although there were no broken heads, we ended up with a broken bed. We decided we were going to teach her a lesson and just build her a brand new beautiful bed…makes sense. This was back in February – yes, it took that long. Not that it was difficult to build, but it took nearly 8 weeks just to decide what I wanted it to look like and get all the measurements right! Within 5 hours I had it built and then it sat (here). It needed to be primed and painted and I couldn’t bring myself to do it. So Hallie’s mattress has sat on the floor for months.
20130510-DSC_0948 photo 20130510-DSC_0948.jpg
But our weather is starting to warm up and I knew I just needed to paint the silly thing. I could build all day long but priming/painting is my least favorite part of building furniture. If it weren’t for that I would build weekly projects. I need to partner with someone that can paint everything for me. Any takers?? I’ve got a mile long build list with no desire to paint a single thing (oddly enough I don’t mind painting bedrooms).

This bed has a tall headboard, low footboard and side rails.
20130510-DSC_0952 photo 20130510-DSC_0952.jpg
20130510-DSC_0959 photo 20130510-DSC_0959.jpg
More details to come…