The reason why we visit Steve’s work once a year is because we’re enticed by a really fun family event they host! Each year is a different themed party (Last year was cowboys – here) this year was renaissance.

I’m not sure where ziplining occurred during the renaissance period but they had it at the family event and it was a big hit. Hunter was under the weight limit and didn’t make it to the end but it didn’t stop him from having a good time.
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I was also unaware of “wax hands” but evidently that’s a period activity. Hunter saw Hallie dip her hand in wax first and wanted nothing to do with it. We finally convinced him to do it when he realized his hand wouldn’t fall off!
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I wish I had a picture of the turkey leg that Steve attempted to eat. The thing was massive – he ate 1/6 of it before tossing the remains. Luckily they chicken legs for the kids were much more manageable.
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We watched glass blowing, pottery and a blacksmith.

The kids enjoyed the tricycle joisting – more so trying to hit one another.
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And Bennett thought the bubble station was a drinking fountain (while we were busy catching up with friends) and we found him blowing bubbles out of his mouth. Parents of the year!
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We really appreciate just how much work goes into this event so families can participate, it’s a great perk. Just like last year, the kids were enamored with just how cool dad’s work is. I’m convinced we need to bring them on a normal day just so they don’t envision the courtyard with zip-lines, unlimited food, animals and toys! But perhaps it’s better to keep them in the dark for a while and let them grow up thinking work is amazingly fun – and maybe, just maybe it will be for them!