A family in the neighborhood threw together a last minute swim/bbq party for the last day of school – which I was grateful for so I didn’t have to do anything overly special. They had two water inflatables as well as the pool and more food than Mr. B could handle; although he did try to throw down everything in sight.
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It was a great way to kick-off the summer and endless summer nights. We were talking with a few parents that night and we realized we could have a lot of awesome annual neighborhood parties if we each take a turn hosting one. One family has claimed the block party and another the end-of-school. We’re looking forward to hosting the cinco de mayo annual party and there were others who were ready and willing to host some made up annual event. I love it – and the kids can’t get enough of each other or the food!

I’m reminded again why this neighborhood works so well for us as a family, counting my blessings.