This little girl and I recently had a date and she reminded me over and over again just how funny she is. We were on the lookout for a special white dress for her (even though she won’t be baptized until fall) as well as some lunch. We drove to the area and I read off my phone all the different food options. When I got to Paradise Bakery, she clarified what kind of food they had. Sandwich’s and salads and really good cookies. Oddly enough, she chose Paradise, which I was totally in agreement with.

As I’m pulling into the parking lot of Paradise, she sees a Wendy’s in the distance. “I changed my mind, I want Wendy’s.” So I turned around and started driving to Wendy’s. On the way to Wendy’s we pass a Subway. “I actually really like Subway, let’s eat there instead.” By this point I pull the car into an empty parking lot. I told her she could eat at any of the places she could see (which was a lot of restaurants) but she had to pick just one. She scans the area and Panda Express catches her eye. She decides that’s her final, final decision. I sat in the parking lot just a minute longer to make sure she didn’t have eating remorse before we even got any food but she was set on Panda.
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We sit down with our food and halfway through the meal she starts giggling. I had no idea what struck her as funny but she insisted it wasn’t anything. The minute we finish the meal she giggles louder and proclaims, “Okay, the only reason why I chose panda to eat is so I could get the cookie at the end!” Silly girl.

We finished lunch and went to try on some dresses. There was one dress in particular that I found online that Hallie really liked, so we went to the store to try it on. She tried it on and she just sparkled – but it didn’t fit her right. I think just the idea of her trying on a dress at a store (not something she’s ever done) was exciting and thrilling for her despite what the dress looked like. She insisted that she loved it, but quickly acknowledged that it was a little immodest. I agreed but pointed out there were ways to make it modest. I didn’t love it and I could tell as she was fidgety in it that she didn’t love it either, but really loved the idea of it. She changed back into her clothes and we left the store empty handed. As we made it to the car in her most dramatic I’m-almost-a-teenager voice she said, “Uhhh…this is like the worst nightmare ever.” Yes, she was referring to the first dress she tried on – months before she needs it – that didn’t fit. Although she was laughing when she said it, I got a glimpse of prom dress shopping years from now and it sent chills up my spine!

Oh please young child, stay young. Keep choosing a restaurant for the fortune cookie at the end.