History has proven that we create children with personality – lots and lots of personality. Our third child is no exception and trying to get a decent photo for his two-year-old shoot proved difficult – I suppose he takes after his cousin Paxton (here)

20130501-DSC_0519-Edit photo 20130501-DSC_0519-Edit.jpg
20130428-DSC_0447-Edit photo 20130428-DSC_0447-Edit.jpg
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20130428-DSC_0455 photo 20130428-DSC_0455.jpg
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He’s been two for a week and is living up to all the “terrible twos” hype. If I find one more tube of chapstick smeared – on the carpet, blinds, tv, his body, my desk – I’m going to go crazy. Just when I think I’ve found every tube, he magically pulls one out of a hat and gets it every where. If he wasn’t so darn cute…