My older brother and I are about as different as they come and likewise we live completely different lifestyles. I enjoy the suburban life with access to all the benefits of the large city and he’s a rural man. He lives in Idaho on 20 acres with animals galore and is a complete outdoorsman, his animals and fun toys makes him the favorite uncle. Of course my kids were in heaven when they got to visit “the farm” as we lovingly refer to it as.

His kids aren’t a whole lot different than him and are completely comfortable in their surroundings – something my kids are totally unfamiliar with. Lexi took the kids for a ride on the four-wheeler – she’s the same age as Hallie. Hallie insisted she have a turn driving as well and couldn’t even turn the handlebars.
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My brother is also a lover of animals; sometimes it’s dogs, or goats, or chickens, or horses. It might as well be the zoo in my kids eyes! They had some new puppies while we were visiting and they were just small enough that Mr. B liked them and wasn’t scared of them.
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My kids loved “the farm” and are in awe that their cousins get to live there all the time. (someone else’s house is always cooler than your own!) Hunter was convinced that we should be buy a house like theirs, “There’s so many fun things to do there.” I reminded him that they never get to ride their bikes to go get frozen yogurt – and I could tell I got him thinking. It wasn’t until I told him that they don’t get to ride their bikes to go get doughnuts every Saturday that he reconsidered wanting to live on “the farm”. There are some definite advantages to both lifestyles – I’m glad my kids get to experience it without me having to live it!