We made our annual trip (Past years here and here) to the mountains with Steve’s family over Memorial Day weekend so we could enjoy this view:
20130524-DSC_1419 photo 20130524-DSC_1419.jpg
Although the views were beautiful – the company was the major selling feature. We didn’t see our kids the majority of the weekend as they ran around with their cousins.
20130525-DSC_1437 photo 20130525-DSC_1437.jpg
20130525-DSC_1440 photo 20130525-DSC_1440.jpg
20130526-DSC_1512 photo 20130526-DSC_1512.jpg
20130526-DSC_1529 photo 20130526-DSC_1529.jpg
20130525-DSC_1470 photo 20130525-DSC_1470.jpg
20130526-DSC_1543 photo 20130526-DSC_1543.jpg
20130526-DSC_1519 photo 20130526-DSC_1519.jpg
20130525-DSC_1433 photo 20130525-DSC_1433.jpg
These kids seem to have a good time together regardless of their location!