Ironically we escape the heat of the valley so we can swim in a heated pool in the mountains; it’s water none the less and the kids (and even teenagers and adults) enjoyed their time. I’m sure the other guests loved when our younger kids did cannonballs in the nice relaxing hot tub!
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Tennis is always a family favorite activity but this weekend it was a little limited. Between the knee pain, shoulder surgery, and pulled hamstring, there weren’t as many willing to jump in for a game (starting to show the age of the group!!). But Steve is always game and knows how to make it fun and interesting.
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We enjoyed an evening by the firepit and a family fireside.
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Of course marshmallows were roasted on the fireplace at the cabin because they’re banned at the firepit – how lame is that?!
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Most the kids are old enough that they do their own thing which leaves plenty of adult time. And we have some great cousins who like to pretend Bennett is their baby (despite his unwillingness to play sometimes) and take him along for the ride.
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We brought up our bikes for the first time which became more of a workout than we had bargained for with all the hills. We’ve been spoiled with the flatness of our neighborhood rides!

Three years in a row turned out to be just as great as we had hoped.
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