When visiting Idaho, our kids are exposed to things our life in Arizona doesn’t include and I love it. Hallie will never forget the time we visited just a few years back and she watched as my dad skinned the deer hanging in the backyard. Yes, she shared with her class during show and tell about the experience.

I feel like my kids get a glimpse of the life I had as a kid through these experiences and it’s fun for me to reminisce. (Although my parents are quick to remind me that I hated these experiences as a kid and would’ve much rather been with my friends!) Good thing I’ve grown up enough to enjoy them with my kids!

My dad took us out on his fishing boat on the river during our visit to Idaho.
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Hallie and Hunter liked riding front and center and would hang on tight as my dad turned sharp corners.
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We went up and down the river finding treasures in the water and the kids yelled from the front of the boat, “Faster, Faster!” As my dad sped up, Hunter realized more speed wasn’t as comfortable to him in the very front and yelled again, “Okay, Slower now, Slower!” Mr. B was happy and content as can be and never left the comfort of his seat in the middle of the boat!
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