Steve and I are people who would not be classified as spontaneous. We are very calculated in our plans and we don’t leave much for chance. Recently we sat on the couch talking about our not so distant life in Milwaukee – reminiscing about all the good times and the wonderful people we associated with. Steve’s brother and family live there as well and much of our positive experience centers around them. They are getting ready to sell their house and we have several friends moving in the next couple weeks…it was the perfect storm – we determined we had to get out there to visit: sooner than later. Life is crazy and time is limited right now but we knew this moment in time would never come again. So we jumped on the chance – threw caution to the wind – and booked tickets. How grateful I am that we did.

Memory lane was open and it felt good to go back and visit. We saw our old house and talked with neighbors. It was as if nothing had changed, although the tree we planted before we left was beautiful and large! Steve and I were reminded just how much time and energy we put into that home and wondered if we’d ever have that much time again!!

(excuse the wonderful iphone pictures – probably the first trip I’ve been on where my big camera wasn’t attached to my hip – although it felt good to throw my camera in my pocket while there, I’m wishing I had the quality of the large one!)
 photo 12f08e1b-21b7-4eef-8017-5f265ed26b00.jpg

We walked the lakefront and enjoyed the beauty of summer in Wisconsin. Coming from the desert, we forgot just how green and luscious it is there, so many beautiful shades of green.
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 photo IMG_0820.jpg
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Bob and Virginia are much more than family (or an oldest brother for Steve), they’re amazing friends. Friends that we can sit and talk for hours with, never a dull moment or conversation. Our time living near them solidified a forever love and friendship.
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We also have several medical resident friends who are finishing the Milwaukee chapter of their lives and we were able to spend some time with them before they scatter throughout the country (and a few fellow Kohl’s associates). The friends we made living there are considered family. We spent so much time together raising our children we have a deep love for all of them. They are lifetime friends.
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It was a quick trip but so worth it. We spent the weekend full of gratitude for the chapter of our lives we label “Wisconsin” and more important the relationships we created and grew while there.