Most people flee the desert in July in search of cooler weather. Not us – we come back just in time to bake in the sun and enjoy a fantastic holiday. In the past, Steve’s family has always deserted us this time of year. Luckily our friend’s family is just as crazy as we are and sticks around this time of year and we spent our third Independence day splashing in their pool and enjoying their company.

We spend the morning/early afternoon swimming and eating and by afternoon the pool games are in full force: diving board tricks, raft races, horse (water basketball), and other random competitions.
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We eat more food and cool off with fun treats – Mr. B thoroughly enjoyed his patriotic popsicle.
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Once we exhausted our children we called it quits at the pool and took a short break at home before we BBQ some dinner. We kept it pretty simple and took Hallie’s request of corn on the cob and Hunter’s request of finger jello and created a meal around it. My kids love the layered jello I’m known for making (here) for holidays and yet this time around I took a shortcut (it’s a time intensive food) and I skipped the white layers in between the colored layers – epic fail. All the colors blended and it looked like a big pan of purple jello…It still tasted the same but the kids weren’t nearly as impressed and the layers didn’t pull apart the same way. Lesson learned!

We joined up with Steve’s sister (the only other family in town) and joined with some friends for our 2nd annual fireworks party and ice cream.
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It may be as hot as can be but I quite enjoy the traditions we’re creating!