I am not one that obsesses over purses. I use the same purse no matter the outfit until it is worn out and then I start the painful process of finding a new one.

However, a recent purge of the hallway closet might confirm I have a diaper bag fetish! To my defense, I haven’t purchased a diaper bag since I was pregnant with #2 (now pregnant with #4) but at the time I was working at Pottery Barn Kids – clearly the diaper bags were too good of a deal to pass up; I own quite a few. Steve would argue we only need one – but then we have the church bag to go with black and then one for brown, and a colorful one too. And then there’s the bigger bags for day trips and shoulder sling bags for quick trips…and…and…I can really come up with a reason I need each one I suppose, but lets be honest – Steve might be right on this one.

 photo 20130729-DSC_3670.jpg
In cleaning out the closet, I dumped out the contents of each bag onto the counter so each bag was clean and fresh ready for our new arrival. I made another shocking discovery (to add to the discovery that I have a lot of diaper bags) – I rarely clean out my bags!! Each time I’m running out the door, I grab some diapers and snacks and maybe a small toy, and then the bag goes back into the closet when I’m done. The next time I use the bag (which may be weeks or months later), I grab a few more diapers, some snacks and a small toy without surveying what is already in the bag, walking out the door always seems to be rushed! You can imagine the things I came across in emptying the bags (I’m purposely not revealing the amount of bags to spare myself the embarrassment.)

Here’s a sampling of some of the contents: More diapers than any kid would need in a three week period, 3 bottles of lotion, 8 lip glosses, box of crayons, lace-up cards, headbands, receipts, 14 granola bars, 11 fruit leathers, a package of crackers, 2 pacifers, 3 pairs of shoes (I was wondering where they ended up!), baby socks, candy, a book, random toys, doctor office papers and a lot of garbage!!

I’m starting fresh. New baby, new routines. May I never allow it to get this bad again!