I still have lingering Idaho photos…I may for a while!

Here are some pics from our river trip with my parents and my brother’s family. It’s been a while since my kids have been confined to a life jacket and none of them were very fond of it. Hallie and her cousin enjoyed walking up the side of the river and then floating down and both Hallie and Hunter enjoyed their tube time.
Life with Fingerprints photo 20130629-20130629-DSC_2758.jpg
Life with Fingerprints photo 20130629-20130629-DSC_2733.jpg
Life with Fingerprints photo 20130629-20130629-DSC_2727.jpg

I think we created a monster with Bennett and he gained all sorts of confidence in the lifejacket. Unfortunately we’re now trying to tame him back home and remind him that he can’t swim!
Life with Fingerprints photo 20130629-20130629-DSC_2771.jpg
Hallie tried her hand at fishing but came up empty handed. But at least she can say she has gone fishing!
Life with Fingerprints photo 20130629-20130629-DSC_2779.jpg
It was a sweltering day and the water was nice and refreshing. We enjoyed our time on the boat and on the shore and watched as the light shifted from afternoon to later evening. It’s evident my children are turning into fish and much prefer water over land!
Life with Fingerprints photo 20130629-20130629-DSC_2773.jpg