My sweet grandma Lola (mom’s mom) turned 95 years old last week. That is a lot of living and a lot of memories. I was able to go to Montana to visit her last fall (here and here) and I tried so hard to envision what she’s witnessed over the course of her life and as I asked questions I was blown away with how much time has changed our lives and she was blown away when we skyped Steve and she couldn’t understand how I could see Steve on my phone. Times are considerably different.
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I came across some fun facts from the year she was born – 1918:
First class stamp was $.03

Daylight savings time and time zones were introduced.

Worldwide Spanish influenza epidemic struck (most victims 20-40 years old).

More than half of the country’s states prohibited the sale of alcohol.

A flight from Chicago to New York took just over 10 hours.

Woodrow Wilson was president.

Boston Red Sox win the world series.

The pop-up toaster was invented.

The average house cost $6,715

$1 in 1918 is equal to $14.49 today.

We live in a completely different world and one day my grandkids are going to look at the world I grew up and think of it as archaic. How fortunate we are for all of the blessings of modern world and technology, a world my grandma doesn’t understand or grasp. So grateful for her and love her dearly. Happy birthday grandma.