To me!

The big 3-0 again! We celebrate my half birthday so really I turned 30 six months ago – but we celebrated it this past weekend, the birthday that never ends! Steve decked out the kitchen in Pothier birthday fashion with the help of the kiddos.
20130707-DSC_2930 photo 20130707-DSC_2930.jpg
20130707-DSC_2932 photo 20130707-DSC_2932.jpg
Steve knows me better than to take me to a nice dinner for my birthday – instead, he gave me my favorite gift – the gift of time…by myself. With 3 young children time is valuable and I have an endless list of projects. I spent a good portion Saturday working on my project list – uninterrupted. No diapers. No crying kids. No cooking food. It was a dream. I worked on my kitchen table/bench project (the one I strapped on top of my car from Idaho here) and spent hours staining wood in an abnormally hot garage. But man was it satisfying seeing the progress.
20130706-DSC_2924 photo 20130706-DSC_2924.jpg
20130706-DSC_2922 photo 20130706-DSC_2922.jpg

I still have a ways to go but progress is progress!

It makes me want a birthday every month.