The fun thing about having a large family living close is the traditions that we get to be a part of. Just two years ago, our nephew left on a mission. Before his departure we had a family gathering called “Pies and Ties”. Each family brought a pie (or dessert) and a tie for the missionary. A year after he left, his brother left on a mission and we held the event again. Paxton leaves on his mission next week (his mission call here) and pies and ties has become a tradition we all look forward to so we gathered as a family tonight to celebrate.
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 photo 20130722-DSC_3534.jpg
We played a matching/trivia game and learned more about Brazil and Paxton shared his testimony with us.
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Each family signed the tie they gave him as a reminder of the family back home that loves him and supports him.
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He’s got plenty of cousins that look up to him, my kids especially. He’s so good with them and loves to play with them. Hard to believe Bennett will be Hunter’s age by the time he comes back! Even crazier is our new baby will be almost two years old before he meets him. We sure are going to miss him!
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