We used to have a membership to a science museum in Wisconsin and the reciprocal benefits to other science centers (here) across the US was fantastic. Recently, the Phoenix science museum had a groupon promotion to purchase a family membership for pretty cheap (with the same reciprocal benefits) so we jumped on it. While in Idaho, we used it to attend the science center with cousins. Although the science part was fun and entertaining, I think the kids spent more time in the small area set up like a grocery store!
Life with Fingerprints photo 20130614-DSC_2244.jpg
Life with Fingerprints photo 20130614-DSC_2246.jpg
We ate lunch in the park next to the museum and we had plenty of feathered visitors. Bennett thought they were pretty cool until they got close enough to peck at his feet. He ran.
Life with Fingerprints photo 20130614-DSC_2247.jpg
Life with Fingerprints photo 20130614-DSC_2249.jpg
Life with Fingerprints photo 20130614-DSC_2257.jpg
(not something we’ve found in many parks in Arizona!)