We’re gearing up for another weekend – a long weekend – and although we’re not going on some fun vacation, I have no doubt we’ll find something fun to do. Something tells me we have swimming on the agenda – probably more than once!

We’ve spent the last three weekends submerged in water and I have to believe this weekend won’t be a whole lot different. The temperature of the pool is quickly dropping and we only have two or three weeks left in the swim season and we are getting as much out of it as we can.

Last weekend we spent Friday night at a local water park for a night splash session. I stayed with Bennett in the little kid area while Steve took the other two down the large slides. It ended up being a late night, but it was a good time and the kids thought we were the best parents ever!

The weekend before, we spent Saturday with friends for dinner and swimming.
 photo 20130817-DSC_4036.jpg
 photo 20130817-DSC_4046.jpg
 photo 20130817-DSC_4050.jpg
 photo 20130817-DSC_4017.jpg
 photo 20130817-DSC_4030.jpg
 photo 20130817-DSC_4018.jpg
 photo 20130817-DSC_4029.jpg
 photo 20130817-DSC_4027.jpg

The weekend before that, surprise – we had dinner and swimming with friends. My kids wonder why in the world we have to bathe for church on Sunday when we spend Saturday nights swimming!
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 photo 20130810-DSC_3999.jpg
 photo 20130810-DSC_4003.jpg
It’s so nice to find a family activity that is inclusive of all ages; our children are turning into fish just as their father hoped they would. They haven’t met a diving board they didn’t love or a pair of goggles they couldn’t live without! I’m hoping once the pool cools off enough, we will be able to pull the bikes out of storage for our next seasonal family activity!