During our Cuatro de Mayo party I mentioned to a friend we had more scorpions than we could handle.
 photo 20120626-DSC_1026.jpg
A quick hunt with our party guests turned up 18 scorpions. (cue the squeals) One guy laid out a very detailed plan as to how we could rid ourselves of the unwanted bugs with a series of sprays/granules. The next day I was on amazon and placed an order for one of the products he suggested.

My good looking bug man was out there just a few days letter spraying down the wall and rocks.
 photo 20130518-DSC_1248.jpg
And wouldn’t you know it, two days later I went hunting and found 3 dead, none alive. I was beyond excited. We’ve used it all summer long and our scorpion sightings are at an all time low! There was one night last year that we found 65 in one night in our own yard. (once again cue the squeals) The kids are a little on the disappointed side because what fun is it to carry around a black light if you can’t find anything glowing? We’ll take disappointed kids over seeing live scorpions anywhere in the yard. It’s also cut down on the rest of the bugs we once had in the yard – especially the crickets.

We use Cy-Kick CS. We’ve applied it once a month since May and have seen great success – not to mention it’s a fraction of the cost of hiring a bug man (who would inevitably not be as good looking as the one we have on contract now!)