When I share my slight disappointment in having yet another boy people are so kind to remind me of all the benefits there are to raising boys over girls. They’re less emotional, they’re cheaper, you don’t have to pay for their wedding…the list goes on and on. What they fail to mention is that boys are rowdy and do things that make you wonder, “What were they thinking??”

I was recently in Hunter’s room moving some stuff around and I moved his magnet board that was leaning against the wall (not in its original place). As I moved it back into place I uncovered a heel shaped hole in the wall. He was smart enough to move the board in front of it because who knows how long its been there. Not to mention his door that no longer shuts because he broke it. Or the four…let me repeat four towel rods he has pulled out of the wall from hanging on them. Clearly he’s slightly destructive – all of which can be fixed, none of which have been fixed!!

I thought his destructive behavior would be the worst of my issues with him, until recently. I was on the phone and Hallie kept trying to get my attention…something about Hunter and her Camelbak cup, but I had been on hold for so long as it was and once I finally reached the representative I was not about to play referee so I pushed her off. After I got off the phone she didn’t come back down so I figured the issue resolved itself. As I was preparing dinner and getting the table set, I had Hallie round up all the kids cups and put them on the table.

In an exasperated whine she said, “I’m not using mine because Hunter peed in it.” I quickly turned around and had her repeat the phrase just in case I heard her wrong. I assured her that was not the case because that would just be ridiculous. She insisted her cup was upstairs full (it’s a colored cup so its impossible to tell the color of the liquid) so she took a drink out of it. She quickly realized it wasn’t water and spit it out – it was yellow. She accused Hunter and he started laughing. If steam is ever to come out of my ears – this would’ve been the moment. A hole in the wall is one thing – going to the bathroom in somebody’s cup is a whole new level of wrong.

I brought Hunter downstairs to start the interrogation and he denied any wrong doing. The more questions I asked the more guilty he looked and his admission shortly followed. I was disgusted, more so than Hallie! I stood there dumbfounded – what do you say to that?? His reasoning: the other bathroom ran out of toilet paper. The best idea he could come up with was to walk across the hallway to another bathroom and instead of using the toilet in that bathroom with toilet paper he found Hallie’s cup. The best part was he didn’t use toilet paper either way!!

It still grosses me out just thinking about it.

I doubt many of you have stories of your girls doing that!