The table that was strapped to my car a month ago (here) still isn’t quite finished, lame I know. Turns out it’s a pretty big project! I spent the first week home from Idaho working on it in the garage which was upwards of 125 degrees. Not fun. I resolved that I would rather have my house smell of stain/polyurethane than sweat off all the weight the baby is putting on. So I moved the project to the dining room (somewhat of an eyesore for everyone that comes into the house, but what can you do?) and I’m still inching away at it. Between company visiting, girls camp, Steve’s birthday celebration and being a mother to three young kids, I decided to take my time. I figure it won’t be entirely finished until the kids go back to school which won’t be the end of the world.

Here’s some progress photos:
I brought the tabletop in the house and stained/poly coated the bottom. I then attached the legs and the supports.
 photo 20130723-DSC_3561.jpg
After attaching the legs, I was ready to flip the table and start staining the table top.
 photo 20130729-DSC_3671-1.jpg
My best laid plans never work out and the top (being so large) has proven to be a little difficult. Not to mention, I’ve got a belly protruding which seems to get in the way as I’m leaning over to work on the middle of the table. As of this afternoon I was happy with the stain (although it was quite the unconventional process) hopefully tomorrow when I wake up I will feel the same way and start the many coats of polyurethane. Good thing I enjoy a project!