With the crates done – and my table near complete I was ready to start a new project. The nursery was my target this weekend.

The nursery (Bennett’s current room) hasn’t seen any love or attention since the day we set up his crib two years ago. It looked like this the day we moved in:
 photo 20111117-DSC_2278.jpg
We threw some furniture in there and that was the extent of it.

Wanting to spruce it up before the baby comes I tackled it this weekend. There was a chair rail that went around 3/4 of the room and I wanted it down. So I started by using a small crowbar to rip the rail down. This was easy and took relatively no time.
 photo 20130820-DSC_4167.jpg
 photo 20130822-DSC_4171.jpg
 photo 20130822-DSC_4170.jpg
Fortunately, there was texture underneath the rail so I thought my repairs would be minimal. But 27 years of paint build up left a large lip.
 photo 20130822-DSC_4174-1.jpg My can-do attitude wasn’t discouraged at this point and I used sand paper and some drywall compound to even out the lip. Sometimes I pat myself on the shoulder too early in a project – this was one of those times.

I was ready to paint. I knew I wanted to paint it a shade of gray and I had paint swatches sitting on my desk the entire week. When it was finally time to pull the trigger I decided to paint it the same gray, Cumulous Cloud (Benjamin Moore), as the office (the lighter gray of the herringbone wall) since I had nearly a whole gallon left over.

I spent Saturday morning painting the room which didn’t take long because it’s not a huge room. But I was discouraged when the paint started to dry and I could see exactly where I had removed the chair rail regardless of my best efforts to cover it up. I was resolved to call the project good enough and walk away from it. After the entire room had received it’s two coats, Steve came in to check out the progress and the first thing he mentioned was the area where the rail once sat and how noticeable it was. I knew if it was that obvious to Steve it wasn’t good enough and I had to readdress the problem – yes, after I was completely finished painting. I ran to the store to grab some orange peel texture spray here
(I hate that texture and unfortunately we have it through our entire home). I was able to spray two light coats along the rail area before Mr. B needed to occupy his room for the night. Tomorrow morning I’ll be back at painting, praying that the texture spray camouflaged the area well enough to be done with it. Hopefully updated pictures will be soon to come.